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Marty was with us for just a few days, he came to Saskatoon from a shelter in Montreal and stayed with us until he went to his ‘real’ foster home in Regina. I was away in Vegas upon his arrival and my hubby, Brett was in charge for a few days. I only got to know him for a few hours but man, did he leave an impression on me.

My first introduction to him was kind of intense, he wanted to be my boss and greeted me by humping my leg. Once I told him in dog-speak that that was not ok, it was PLAY time. This young man is FULL of energy, it’s all pent up. No surprise after who knows how long in a shelter with no training or socialization. He was already settling in to a new environment and then boom — another new thing –me. Time to get excited!!

I’m going to be honest here, I was worried for him. Worried about how adoptable he’ll be and where he’ll end up with so much work needed with him. It’s so easy for people to give up on a dog and just abandon them.

But I am not one to give up. Yes, Marty was all over the place, jumping, here, there and everywhere and the attention span of a fly.  So I took him for a walk and let him be a dog.

After our walk he came down a few notches, I gave him a rope toy that used to be my dog’s toy and he LOVED it. He swung it around, tore at it, laid and chewed on it quietly and when he was done he came for a cuddle.

So here I am with this boy cuddled right into me, fast asleep. Just a few hours earlier he was this crazy animal that couldn’t focus. That was not Marty, and I knew it. The real Marty is the one who looked into my eyes before leaving our house and licking my faced, chin to forehead with a big tail wag. That’s Marty. Sharp as a tack, beautiful and a heart of gold. He just needs someone who won’t give up on him again. JP2_4502

Marty | 1 1/2 years | Pit Bull X | Saskatoon, SK

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