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You may recognize this sweet face from a few posts back. This is (was) Laura. Since meeting her for just a few minutes on a busy day of dog-meeting at WARNAR‘s adoption day, she kept creeping into my thoughts. But we had a plan already — we had a Great Dane puppy coming in June and my heart was set on it. Still, she was on my mind more than I expected. So on Sunday, I sat down with my hubby. We talked in depth about why it was so important I get a puppy from a litter that in reality, wasn’t even conceived yet. The answer was that it was just a dream, logically the costs we were adding up were more than we should be taking on and it didn’t make sense. So in a single day we went from patiently waiting Dane owners to-be to me telling him he should really meet this dog I interviewed. Two hours later we were in the car and off to meet Laura (now, Rue) in person. It didn’t take more than five minutes of meeting her and Brett gave me the nod. He was smitten and I’ve since learned that it’s ok to change your dream.



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